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Her in 2019th of the 21st century

Her in 2019th of the 21st century

I’ve yet to write to you and tell you all about her in the 2019th of the 21st century. She started the year with a sense of somberness and guilt as to why on earth such a feeling should come to a girl that is so loved by her creator and blessed beyond her years. She wonders what is it that makes it so difficult for her to figure out her way as she gets close to the half way mark of what is meant to be a defining decade of her life. She is still very much a single girl who have never been in trouble or at least beyond the unrequited kind. She has been saying that she is burnt out for a while now and doesn’t enjoy her current reality. It makes her sad that she’s helping others while wishing she can be helped herself, but doesn’t know how or what. I don’t really know what her struggle is, but I know that she has some dark habits and doesn’t take good care of herself as she should concerning the need for her to be mentally healthy for the kind of gift that she has.

She wants to explore the world to find herself somewhere where it feels like home for she’s been missing it since she left it a lifetime ago. Don’t get her wrong, she is fully aware that the world is thy ship and not thy home.

One day, my dear, one day, I tell her. She needs to make sure that she doesn’t rest until she is free of the restless feeling that she is not doing her best to have a life aligned with her precious soul and God’s will for it.

Peace, love and laughter,

Pearl X

The strangest of things...Poem #12

The strangest of things...Poem #12