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The strangest of things...Poem #12

The strangest of things...Poem #12

Isn't strange when you get what you need, not what you want

Isn't strange when you stop pursuing it right before it knocks your door

Isn't strange when some moments make you laugh and look above

Isn't strange when what you think and say comes to life miraculously

Isn't it strange the way you can spot deception leaves others speechless

Isn't strange when the pain of comfort is worse than the pain of change

Isn't strange that a moment of silence can change you forever

Isn't strange when nothing around you is strange anymore

Isn't strange when the only strange thing is the Irony of it all

Peace, love and laughter,

 Pearl X



Her in 2019th of the 21st century

Her in 2019th of the 21st century

Lights...poem #11

Lights...poem #11