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Personal Style: Basics and Accessories #1

Personal Style: Basics and Accessories #1

I've been trying to figure out my personal style even since I heard of the phrase "Personal style" and ever since I would like to wear clothes others would hate or give me that weird look of disapproval. In most cases those people were my mom and close friends. I wrote three posts before on a similar topic. one on Closer Organization , one on shopping and personal style and one on tidying up. A lot has changed since then, such as clarity in practicing what I preach. 

My work place requires something formal of me, but not too formal. the main rule is to stay away from blue jeans and sneakers. 

I started organizing my closet two years ago and you can read more on that on the closet organization post, but getting rid of cloths I don't wear was a huge step in finding my personal style or in a better sense discovering, realizing and accepting my personal style. 

Here is an example of a one of my basics, a striped blouse i got from Zara  I love the fabric and how soft and silky it feels on. 


I love a shirt with a V neck wrap, so here is a blouses that i got from Zara


Another of my go to pants I wear for a formal/office yet comfortable look is a Jean Leggings i got from Express. You can get a black leggings from any where and I personally prefer them over a fabric pants. 


Another clothing item I go for on a daily basis that is formal and matches my basic look is a blazer/jacket. I like to go for simple black blazer or something more feminine like this Women's Ruffle Crop Jacket I got from Top shop. 


I can't forget that every basic outfit requires accessories. I like to go for scarfs, bracelets and rings. You can never underestimate the power accessories have. If you are like me a year ago where you try to wear accessories, but it's not a habit or you always tend to forget about them here is what worked for me:

1. I started with a bracelets and necklace that means something to me. for example, I started wearing a bracelet I made myself at a spiritual retreat. It doesn't have to be made by you but as long as it holds a special meaning or it has a word or symbol you like. 

2. When it comes to rings, I started with stone rings. I got myself a ring of semi-precious stone of pink quartz because I love what this stone stands for. 

Lastly, this is just the tip of the basics and the beginning of my "personal style" discovery. Here is to more to come on #2 soon. 

now, share with me your go-to basic clothing item below. I would love to know.

Peace, Love and laughter,

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