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2018 Goals and New Year's Resolutions

2018 Goals and New Year's Resolutions



I've yet to make fitness a daily habit, unless you count running after the bus and walking a lot a fitness routine. I work at a company that runs a gym, so i have a staff free membership, so you might be saying "You fool" i know, i know, but i also know that it's a habit and a commitment i have to make consciously. Let's not hope, but act and set myself a constant reminder that a good fitness routine will benefit my soul before my body.  


I'm naturally an introvert, but that doesn't mean that i don't like talking to people and sharing ideas and have a good time. one thing that has been on my way and that is not driving. I've been avoiding driving for as long as i can remember out of fear and comfort, but it's safe to say that fear is winning and staying home all the time is not comfortable. Therefore, driving is diffidently on my list, but putting myself out there in general regardless of driving is the key goal here to create good memories outside of the online world. 


I've been saying for a long time now that the road of conventional career is not for me. I've come across the term entrepreneur a couple years ago and the more i explore it the more i wan to pursue it one way or another. My main value is helping people in any way possible. my focus is youth since i have a lot to say and do about being a teen and a young adult in your 20s. However, i have gained many skills over the years that can benefit anyone. 


well, we're getting more serious now and what's more serious that the subject of money, but it doesn't have to be fearful and full of limitations. there's two sides to making money and having financial freedom. the first side is the realistic one and having a clear plan how much you're making and how much you are spending. The second side is the positive thinking and speaking good about money as if you already have so much of it even if you don't yet. These two together create the magical money formula every successful person swears by. 


Now this one contradicts my online presence and using social media and internet to interact with others, but knowing when to switch on and off the online world is something i want to get better at in the new year. I wan to start making worth sharing memories. I can only do that by switching off and taking over being at ease with my existence and take on meditation and daily prayers or simply time for myself with myself.   


I'm a huge bookworm and books are basically my obsession and collectibles. I've got so many books i want to read, but as Frank Zappa would say, "So many books, so little time." so i want to make year 2018, the year i read almost all of my books. I'm planning to start traveling by the end of 2018, but i want to travel inside of my books first.  


As i have mentioned before, I want to start traveling in 2018 and i have two places in mind. First, Australia due to my love for Australia and having so many family and relatives there that i haven't seen in years or ever. Second, Venice Italy, don't ask me why because there are far too many reasons and I've always loved Italy and consider it a dream vacation place or a honeymoon destination. 


gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. it's the single most important ingredient to a happy life. and i am planning to sprinkle it all over 2018 no matter the ups and downs of life, for where there is life, there is hope.  


I've been thinking of becoming vegan for over two years now and it hasn't been easy. I'm not vegan and neither are my family or close friends. I've tried so many times and failed and I've changed my mind way too many times, but i'm determined to make it happen in 2018 or at least cut down on animal products and make room for whole and healthy foods in my life. I will write about this later on, as there are many people who would love to debate this with me and all i can say now is, my diplomatic sharp mind loves debates. 

Overall, my 2018 goals are: Fitness, Putting myself out there & socialize more, Entrepreneur, Savings, Switching off, Reading books, Travel, Gratitude, Vegan. 

Peace, Love and Laughter, 

Pearl X 

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