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Hot & Cold  Poem #3

Hot & Cold Poem #3

Hot and cold, what a great state of confusion you are

you open a window, but leave the door shut

you are often a stranger, but a far too familiar one

you preach positivity but give a horribly dark vibe

you need to know everything but remain a mystery

you come off like a diamond, and inside you are pure coal

your pride is bigger than Jupiter but half as wise

your love is deeper than hell but not as soft as heaven

your prejudice is disguised in the darkness of your mind

you pride yourself to be strong, in fear of protecting your emotional heart

I don't need to judge or punish you for your wrong doings, for you have taken care of that part

I don't need to go on and on, for you are an endlessly puzzling work of art

peace, love and laughter 

Pearl x

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