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She is Fire, Water and Air...® - Poem #2

She is Fire, Water and Air...® - Poem #2

She comes off as fire ➳☀

                            she thinks like water ☂♱

                                                                       she reacts like air ✌❤

She has nothing to do with earth for her mind travels beyond the galaxy 

Those are not her feet on the ground, those are ashes of the girl she ones was

Her fire will either burn you alive or keep you warm for eternity

Her water will either drawn you or fill your thirst for years 

Her air will either blow your world to the ground or bring you to life

Fire is her flame of protection and a toll for self-projection

Water fills up 70% of her and enough to let her go with the flow 

Air comes off in her subtle approach to life, but can disturb you in a millisecond

She is all three in one, for fire, water and air are her cosmic trinity

She is a fresh cold glass of water, but warm enough for your sensitive teeth 

She is a warm conversation you have with a hot glass of tea

She is a chilly fall breeze that follows a colourful sunset

She is the warm sunshine you feel on a cold winter morning 

She is the spark you need to make a fire on a deserted island

she can be something, often nothing, but everything all at once

she is the I can go on and on, but let us put a stop to it for now. 

peace, love and laughter,

Pearl x

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