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Letters from the sea #1

Letters from the sea #1

Dear lost soul,

What has gotten into you? Aren’t you the bright one whose faith is stronger than ever? When did you get trapped in that tower? And why is the escape so simple, yet seems impossible? You go around wanting to heal others, but who is there to heal you? They call you lazy and spoiled, I know it far too well. You see, who knows you thinks you are innocent but mad, and who doesn't know you, thinks that you are insecure and boring. It's a very dark place to be in and doesn't suit the brightness that I know you have got inside of you and needs to come out. It is a place only who has been there really know what it's like. It’s not that you don't want to leave, and as far as I know time doesn't exist, so stop saying one day. If you think you are out of it, it's nothing but an illusion.

You see, you don't have to abandon it, you only need to turn the lights on. You ask yourself so many times why can't you just get over it all by yourself and for a moment you believe you can. You don't know if it's biological or psychological, but how could it be when it's all in your head? Maybe because you don't want to admit to your own biases. After all, you are a part of a society where the stigma is far stronger than we can admit.

Now go on and turn on the light, get out of your own way and don't settle for a candle when you can get the sun in the day and the moon in the night shining for you, and when it gets cloudy and you can't see them, the rain will wash away all that is weighing you down.

You might not have had the choice to come to this tower, but the choice is yours to leave like princess Rapunzel did in the destiny movie "tangled" You don't have a long hair like her? Oh, you are not a princess? Oh, sorry you are not a girl. Lol Oh well, long hair is overrated anyway. Whoever you are and wherever you are, I Hope you turn on the lights and find your home in the most unexpected places and keep on fighting for your soul to be found at the same places you lost it and those can only be found within. Dig deep, your treasured soul awaits. 

Peace, Love, and laughter

Pearl x

سجينة حب -  شعر #1

سجينة حب - شعر #1

Thoughts: #1 Over-sharing of quotes

Thoughts: #1 Over-sharing of quotes