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"All the bright places" - book review

"All the bright places" - book review

I love reading books. Books take me to another world and I love getting lost in someone else's world and forget my own sometimes. I finished reading "All the bright places" a while back and here is what I wrote five minutes after finishing it. (It might be slightly a spoiler, but I didn't give away much, I promise) first let me share what the book is about:

It's about two teenagers, Finch and Violet, who meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, and they were both thinking of the possibility of jumping off.... it’s unclear who saves whom, but it's for sure that they found something in each other that will unfold later on when pair up on a project to discover the “natural wonders” of their state. Well, it was Finch, known by his classmates as "a freak" who chose to do the project with her, but she was taken on a ride of finding herself again with a broken boy, but will finch go along with her or will he let go?

"I just finished reading all the bright places and I had to grab my laptop and write this because I felt like these words and emotions will escape me if I didn't do it right away. finishing it felt like saying goodbye to a friend and it left me lost for words to explain how I feel about it.

I've held off on finishing it for a while now for so many reasons. one, I felt overwhelmed by it at first. second, I needed to be mentally ready because I got inside their world that I got lost myself. third, they reminded me of my teen self, the depressed self that was so much like finch.

I started reading it on July the 15th, the day after I bought it from the bookstore. It was recommended to me by Zoe Sugg, a YouTuber, but I didn't really feel like reading it until I passed by it in the bookstore and picked it up alongside another book. The girl who was helping in the bookstore asked me if I needed help and I said that I couldn't decide which one of the two I should get and she said, "I would go with that one *pointing on All the bright places*" and I was like, that's it; I have to read it.

There were parts of the book that made me smile so big and there were parts that made me want to stare from a window(in so many cases, it was the bus window). There were moments I felt fearless and moments I couldn't feel more fearful. there were moments I felt understood and moments I felt confused.

My heart is heavy from the sorrow this book carries of everyone who ever experienced mental health issues, or died by suicide or was or is passively or actively thinking of suicide.

Surprisingly, the parts that I thought would make me cry didn't, and partially because they came as a shock to me as they did to the characters in the book.  the times I had no control over my tears were when Violet told her parents the truth about what really happened on the bell tower that day. I felt her pain and relief that I was there with them every step of the way.

Mental health is not something to be taken lightly just because the wounds are not always visible or on the surface; It goes deeper than that. The mind is so much more complex than the body.

I will write more about this topic later, but I needed to share this and just put it out there for now."

Pearl x

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Thoughts: #1 Over-sharing of quotes

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