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reasons to my almost spotless face

reasons to my almost spotless face

It's not easy to maintain a spotless face, no matter how lucky and bless you are to have a clean face. So, here are some thing that i learned along the way the minimized my skin breakouts. 

1) I try to eat as minimum fried/oily food as much as possible. Also sweet and this one is hard for me for having a sweet tooth. 

2) I try my HARDEST not to pick my spots, i give in sometimes and the result are the usual more spots, but if you want less spots don't pick them, especially when they don't have a head(meaning:when they hurt and don't pop easily) .

3) remove your make up at night ALWAYS and if i ever get lazy spots come climbing on my face. Use makeup wipes for easier removal then take the next important step and wash it, but if not at least always always wipe it out. If you find makeup wipes to be expensive then buy baby wipes (unscented/sensitive skin is what i go for) 

Also, another way to remove your makeup if you suddenly find yourself without makeup removal tools and you have a lot of makeup on is to use some kind of towel or a napkin and put a little of lotion, moisturizer or some kind of oil and it actually works.  

4) drink enough water. it's not just good for your skin, but your health in general. Have a bottle of water near you and when you go out put a bottle of water in you bag. 

5) Try not to touch your face randomly because the less Bactria you transfer to it the better. 

in the end of the day, even when i do my hardest, i still have spots every now and then and i learned to let it be and it mostly comes and goes. I learned to love my body and treat it well from the inside as much as from the outside.

Pearl x

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My favorite Mimi Ikonn's Videos ♥

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