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Healthy Eating ---> Healthy Life #2

Healthy Eating ---> Healthy Life #2

I'm not much of a magazine reader, i prefer book, but it mostly has to do with the fact that magazine is a subscription, while book is for life. However, not all magazine are about gossip and celebs, there are  a few that i discovered recently that i fell in love with instantly and one of them is

Best Health magazine

. I'm considering subscribing to their issue (physical form), but i will follow their website for now and consider the subscription in the near future.

Seedling Paperie

I read an article called, "

15 Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

" I was so pleased to know what are these 15 foods because I've been looking into healthy eating to improve the quality of my hair and skin. It's been said over and over again, but not many people take it seriously, "You are what you eat."

I don't believe in intensive diets and starving yourself and having to eat tasteless, plain food to lose weight. I truly believe to maintain a healthy body you need to stay active, eat healthy, but keep in mind that not all "healthy food" is healthy. let me put it this way. when you buy something you customize it to fit your needs, taste, and life style, same with food. However, when it comes to unhealthy food, it's always a no no because you can't eat healthy on the weekend and eat processed and junk food on week days. 

So far I've managed to cut down:

Sugar: I've cut down on sweets/candy and anything that contains too much sugar because the less you consume the better your body function.

 I've also cut down sugary drinks such as coke, juice and any kinda of soda drinks. 

Also, i can't forget that sugar is addictive and you can't stop it right away or completely eliminate it because you will never really do, after all it is everywhere, even in healthy foods, but being aware of all the unhealthy deserts, cookies, and anything that is just sugar and color is what changed for me over the past few months.

Caffeine: Caffeine! so what is Caffeine really? well, starting with the definition.

"A crystalline compound that is found especially in tea and coffee plants and is a stimulant of the central nervous system."

  2. I learned what coffee does to my brain from a videos by a great channel on YouTube called ASAPscience.
  4. 1) Your Brain On Coffee (3:15 minutes)


Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly?

 (2:03 minutes)

over all awesome channel and i highly recommend it.

Over all, i have to admit there are times when i HAVE to have coffee, but not making it a regular daily thing and not drinking more than one-two cups a day is my point here.

Meat: I still love meat, chicken, and sea food, but i'm aware of how hard it is for my body to digest it, so the less i eat it the better. 

Also, eating well cooked and good quality meat is important if you can afford it, but just being aware of how much you're consuming and how it's being cooked is enough to make a huge difference in your life. 

Finally i want to share my inspirations who got me here:

Mimi Ikonn , YouTube and Instagram (favorite Mimi's videos on foodfitnesshow to be happyHow to be successfulHow To Live Your Dream LifeChange Your Look Change Your Life and How to be SEXY

and MANY more. I love Mimi, she's what I would call, my role model ❤)

Career Girl daily: Online Magazine

 (i can't pick i love everything they post)

TED talks: TED

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are 

How to stop screwing yourself over

Larry Smith - Why you will fail to have a great career

 and MANY more. 

 Pearl X

Dear Future Me....(Time Capsule) ♥

Dear Future Me....(Time Capsule) ♥