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Dear Future Me....(Time Capsule) ♥

Dear Future Me....(Time Capsule) ♥

My professor suggested this on the last day of one of my courses and will give it back to us when we graduate. I really enjoyed writing it, so i thought i would share it.  

Dear Future Me…..

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...”

                                                                              ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

At the time I wrote this letter I was…..

At home where family is. Home where it’s almost impossible to do any school work because it’s your comfortable place where you sit, clean, cook, play, watch, procrastinate, and mainly take family’s orders and requests for being the youngest. If I were to describe to you where I am at in life now it would take me pages (you know how much you love talking to 


 about your feelings and stuff, right? hahah)

The best thing I could have ever done is making you my best friend and I hope we still are. To give you an idea where I am, I’m in my second semester at SSW (social service work) and thankfully have secured a placement, let me know how it went later, but I’m pretty sure you will be just fine and you knowing that is all that matter, really. It took you a long time to find yourself in terms of career and stuff, but I think you are getting there. You came into social service knowing that no matter what your passion is or passions in that matter, it’s in your nature to help and many have told you that over time.

Finally I will share with you your twitter bio that you have sit yourself at 21 and that’s how it goes: A Piscean peaceful warrior, with an INFP Personality, a Multi-Passionate enthusiast, follower of Jesus & a lover of life, rain, yoga & chocolate- psalm 32:8

I have overcome quite a bit to get here! If I were to give “you” advice, it would be…..

to always go back your favorite songs, books, online personalities, quotes and saying that kept you going (by the way, I hope you still love quotes as much as you do now) I would also remind you of the million times you almost gave up, but something kept you going, either knowing you are never alone because Jesus is always with you or because you trust and love yourself so much even when it kept letting you down so many times with its stupid mistakes and disappointments.

Please stop letting bad time, others honest, but hurtful words and circumstances get in your way because as long as there is life in you, there is hope for a better today and tomorrow. Finally, get your social circle together, both personally and professionally, know that you have one family just like you have one life, so keep in touch with them as much as you can and always remember to have fun!

When I think about my future as a social service worker, I really hope…..

That you were able to help everyone you encountered with the best of your knowledge and ability. I know you had and probably still have so many other passions in life you want to pursue like, psychology, blogging, design and becoming an entrepreneur, but you know that you got into social service to follow an example of two of your idols, Jesus and mother Teresa, so you will always be a social worker at heart and with everything that you do. I hope that you’ve gained the experience you needed and are more open to even more because this is just the beginning. Finally, I hope you’ve became more disciplined and organized and didn’t let the lazy and easily victimized side get in the way of your ambitions and compassionate side  that the world needs to see and embrace after it took you many years to embrace it yourself.

When you read this, I hope you have realized that your 21self did everything she could, so that you would get to where you are now and if you made more mistakes; it’s okay! You got through those too, didn’t you? Getting a little off topic here, but I hope you got your driving license and fixed your teeth. Also I hope you realized that your hair, skin, body and health is much better because of the healthy choice you made ever since you were 20.

Departing thoughts…..

I hope you’ve realized how much you have grown over the past two years. Here you are getting more into the “real world” and finally got a diploma. It feels like forever, since the day you got your high school diploma. Remember, walking up the stage and feeling this awkward feeling? You didn’t feel the pride you should have did you? High school was a big deal you know? But you needed more time to find yourself. It was the uncertainty of your direction forward, was it? Feeling lost and speaking English gave you anxiety because of your accent? Oh well, this time and forward it will be much better, I promise.

Let’s get this school thing done and start getting experience. Don’t worry you can always go back for more education when you have a job and have paid your loan. I just reminded you of the loan didn’t I? Oh well, you will be just fine. Now time to continue hustling, shall we?

Pearl x

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