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My Favorite Blogs ♥

My Favorite Blogs ♥

I haven't blogged the past three months and I miss it, but I've been caught up with college and I have writer’s block and it's mostly because I haven't been reading books lately and my social life is not that social, so I've taken this time to recharge and focus on organizing my thoughts and my life.

 While I focus on self-care, there are a few bloggers that I'm still catching up to no matter what. I thought I would share the inspiring bloggers that I follow and love to read their content regularly. I think we gravitate toward the ones we relate to the most, who share what we're looking for and miss. These bloggers write things that I want to read and things that can help me with being a lost 21 year old girl with ambitions and dreams.

It's hard to find these kind of bloggers, but there are more of them out there than we think. Here are a few:


Career Girl Daily


 "Career Girl Daily" is my favorite blog/online magazine EVER! According to their blog, "Career Girl Daily is the creation of two girls who decided to work together and create an online, inspiring community for young, career-minded women. Brought up in the Netherlands and at the beginning of their careers, they both separately decided to move to London and to pursue their dreams in the world of fashion & PR......Career Girl Daily is an online magazine for ‘Career Girls in heels’. The ultimate destination for career, fashion, beauty and lifestyle."(CGD, 2015)

I love this blog because they give me a straight out advice and tips and topics that i need to read and learn as a 21 years old girl at the beginning of my career path in need for help from strong authentic women who are thriving and passionate about what they do. I'm so happy this blog exist to remind me that I'm not alone at this time of creating the life of my dreams full of handwork, passion and thrive while still wearing heals and dresses. 


From Roses:

 "From roses" is owned by a lovely gal named Rebecca. "It started as a place for her to share her beauty musings and it became just that. Over the past 4 years, it has evolved into a fully-fledged lifestyle website ranging from beauty to style to fitness content."

I love Rebecca's topics, designs and her photography skills are on point. I love her writing and find it real, relatable and creative.

it's the kind of blog that i would want to read to both learn and see what's new with Rebecca. It's just overall a lovely blog.


Niomi Smart:

 I first knew Niomi from her wonderful

YouTube channel

 where she uploads fashion, healthy eating and a 


of lifestyle videos.

 I usually watch her YouTube videos, but i also love her Blog. It’s a lifestyle blog where she writes about her personal style, healthy eating and generally what she's been up to.


We Need To Live More:

 we need to live more is a blog by a gal named Ella. After being a YouTuber for a while Ella felt lost and along her journey of taking a step back she came back with a blog. "We need to Live more is more than just a statement. It’s a safe space, an inspiring place. I’ll be sharing Healthy Recipes, Personal Projects and Feelings, Adventures and Overseas Travels and even things as simple as Learning to Knit! This is an online space for honesty, humour and innovative living." -Ella. I discovered Ella through her boyfriend's

special video for her

who's a YouTuber/online blogger, and then I followed her 


 which is where i fell in love with her content and I keep up with her adventures. 


Britton Loves:

 Britton loves is owned by a gal named Lauren who's passionate about food, beauty and photography.

She says it best, "I'm a Photographer, Food Lover, Health Enthusiast, Excessive Emoji User, Positive Outlooker with a brain filled with more General Knowledge goodness that is necessary." I love this blog because I can relate to Lauren in so many ways and I find her content real and creative. 


A Little Grey:

 little Grey is owned by a gal named Rachel. Her blog a space for her to share and talk about her favorites and topic she feel like sharing, usually related to lifestyle, beauty, music and books. Her blog was recommended to me by another blogger and I loved it and kept following because it's real, relatable and creative. 

finally, you might have wondered why there are no beauty blogger, but they are more on the YouTube side and not that i don't care about their written content, but i don't enjoy makeup/fashion related blogs as much lately. 

Thanks for reading! ツ I would love to know who's YOUR favorite? 

- Pearl ♥

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