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Ways to get out of a lazy mood or feeling down all day -_-

Ways to get out of a lazy mood or feeling down all day -_-

We've all been there, especially when we have a day off or we've stayed up all night and woke up late feeling down and lazy. here are some of the ways i force myself into when i'm feeling lazy or don't want to get out of bed. let me tell you, you can sit inside all day, but you can't stop the time and all the things that are being done that day because while you're sitting there "not feeling like doing anything" someone else is doing everything they can to check off their daily "to do" list and making their dreams a reality. So, here are some simple things i do to get out of the "not feeling like it" mood. 


1) have something to drink

Making sure you're not dehydrated is very important because being hydrated makes us feel fresh and good inside. A glass of water is the first and best choice.

2) have a cup of coffee or tea

This one is very helpful when the reason you're feeling lazy is that you didn't have enough sleep. not that it's equal to a good sleep because nothing's as good and healthy as a good night sleep, but coffee can give you this sudden energy to get up and move. some people find themselves going to the bathroom after drinking coffee so it can be a good way to have a clean stomach early in the day.

3) get moving

Force yourself to get moving through tightening things up which gives you a great feelings of getting ready and organized or you can do some stretching. some people have their workout session in the morning, but that depends on how much time you have and when is the best time for you to workout.

4) Jam to your favorite music

If you don't feel like working out but you really want to get your body stretched and active then the best way is to put your favorite songs, the feel good ones, and dance to them. it gets you moving and put you in a good mood as well.check out my

spotify playlists

to hear the kind of music i like. 

5) have some alone quality time

take this opportunity to do something for yourself and take care of yourself such as,  organizing your room, taking a bath, or just time for yourself to sit down and not feel rushed or having to think, think, and think all the time, just relax and take care of your inner and outer beauty.

6) dress up and look your best

When you're in a down and lazy mood it's easy to stay in it when you're wearing Pjs and loose clothes that reflects how you feel, so it's not surprising that you don't want to get up or do anything. Therefore, dressing up and making yourself look presentable makes you feel good about yourself and makes you want to go out and enjoy your look and have a positive productive day. this idea is inspired by Mimi from her video, "

Why You Should Always Dress Your Best

" and she talks more about it in her video, "

Change Your Look Change Your Life

7) watch something you love that makes you laugh or excited

Comedy never fails to make me feel good and forget everything no matter what. I usually tend to watch things that I've already seen, but they're so good and i love them that i don't mind seeing them over and over again. My favorite things to re-watch right now are, romantic comedy movies, TV shows like Friends, or YouTube videos of youtubers, The Voice or any singing competition shows.

8) it's okay to have these days

It might seem that i'm contradicting myself, but it's okay to have these days and you shouldn't feel bad about yourself for having them as long as you know that you got this and it won't affect you in any way. give yourself a break and instead of sitting there feeling bad about yourself, do something fun that will make you feel good. inspired by Jessie J's song, "

Who you are



, i want to leave you with this TEDx talk called, "

How to stop screwing yourself over

" by

Mel Robbins

 that will help you in this kind of situation especially when it happens more often and here is a helpful tip to make sure you stick to the advice you're about to get,


it into your phone so you are reminded of how important it is until you use it. Also, i say it so many times,


 has many of the best motivational talks I've ever heard. 

 - Pearl x 

Happy Earth Day! ^_^

Happy Earth Day! ^_^

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