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Depression & The difference between being shy and being introverted

Depression & The difference between being shy and being introverted

I want to share two articles i read recently due to the fact that i wanted to write about the topics myself, but i realized that they wrote everything that was on my mind and even more. 


21 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed.

the first article is about depression and how there is more to it than we think. For someone who's been through depression, i know that we think that we got it under control, but what i realized over time is that it can get out of our control which is why i believe seeking help can be life saving for so many people struggling with it. I truly believe that most of the time we can't help ourselves when it gets super bad and life threatening. It takes a really strong person to get through depression without outside help, but let's face it, there is a reason why depression is considered a metal health disorder and it's more than just bad feelings and negative thoughts.

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It starts with having negative thoughts about not being good enough then those thoughts become beliefs that there is something wrong with us that got us to where we are. In some cases people become depression due to outside influences, but they still blame themselves for it. Depression stops the person from looking ahead. 

There is a great law in psychology called The law of attraction. The law of attraction is basically the following: 

"The attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in multiple ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances." how i like to see it is just what we learned in chemistry class about how negative energy attracts positive energy and from the 21 years that i lived i believe that life is negative, but if i'm negative as well, i will defer myself from it and lose the desire to live. sure it's great to see the goods in life, but we somehow stumble across the bad and give up sometimes.


We forget that in order for our surroundings to be positive we need to start with ourselves. Depression is hell that starts from within and spreads

 to all aspects of our life, For anyone who'e been depressed or is depressed or even knows or have known anyone who dealt with it or is dealing with it right now knows at least somehow what this disorder is like, but unfortunately not everyone does. read this article, i'm sure you will understand it better and maybe know that you're not alone as much as you think you are.

I can talk about loving myself and living to the fullest all day, but it's not always smiles and rainbows, rain comes and goes every now and then, so instead of blah blah blah let's take actions as much as we talk about it, shall we? All i know is that it's worth it. Oh, and 

good music(songs) always help.   


The Difference Between Being Shy And Being Introverted.

The second article is about something I've been thinking about lately. I'm much more confident with talking and welling to take on more roles that ever before which makes others think that i'm an extrovert, but that's not entirely true.

I used it be very quiet and shy growing up and it's still somehow parts of me and no matter how confident you are, you still have these nervous and shy moments. However, there are differences between being shy and being an introvert. I used to be someone who would finish an entire semester in high school only knowing three or five people from my class and i didn't participate in class to give my classmate a chance to see the true me.

My poor communication skills definitely played a huge role(i came to Canada five years ago not speaking a proper sentence in English), but shyness and low self-esteem affected me even after i got so much better at speaking English and it was clear that my knowledge was no longer the case and it was all about confidence. I will make another post about my communication skills later, for now let's stick to the topic.

I though being shy and having low self-esteem was part of who i am, but i couldn't be more wrong and i hope everyone who thinks this way realizes that they too can be out spoken individuals who shares their ideas and voice without fearing mistakes and others opinion of them. Don't let your life changing ideas and creative thoughts and feelings go to waste because you're not sure or scared to speak up. Being scared never did me any good, in fact i missed so much of my high school experience due to being the shy and scared girl that i was. Stay true to the calm and introvert

 person that you are but value your voices and mind first and don't let your thoughts and beliefs confine you. 

I hope you find these two article beneficial as much as i did. 

Share if you think others need to read this, you never know who you might help....

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