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Youtube launched a campaign in honor of International Women's Day, inviting people to answer the question, "What advice would you give your younger self?"

Dear me, 

the little things you 

spend hours thinking about


 beating yourself up

 for are not worth the time and energy.


people don't judge you as much as they judge

 themselves and same goes to how much you

 care about what they think. don't let others stop

 you from being you. doesn't matter how silly,

 funny, crazy or just shy and awkward. 

The embarrassing moments have no power

 over you unless you give it to them.

 instead, laugh it off and walk away 

knowing you're not alone in this. One day,

 when you truly love yourself for simply


 you are, you will regret not showing

 others the beautiful soul you got inside. 


Stop thinking too much and know that you can

 do anything that you want if you just try. One day,

 you will most likely regret not doing 

it than actually doing something. one day, you will

 regret not joining that group you wanted 


 not going to the event you loved to, 

not joining that reading club because you 

thought you were not capable of to....all

 for what? scared? fear, huh? No, it was

 all in your head. 

time flies so fast....


If You are in your last two years of high school

 and you 

don't know what you want to study then do researches,

 know your interest, take career choice quiz, ask 


 and if you still don't know after all that, don't worry just

 don't lose that desire to be something

start with something that speaks out the kind of person you are 

and you will find your way one day. 


Take care of yourself and love it. you will have to deal

 with it for the rest of your life and it gets tougher as

 you get older so learn to love it and be kind to yourself from 

the very beginning where you are still depended on your

 parents and you don't have to think too much about 


 future as much as studying

 for that one test and what to wear. 


stop wasting time wishing you were someone else

there are better things need to be done.

you are you for a reason, your hear, your face, your eyes, 

your heart, your tears, your laugh, 

and your smile 

these are all yours and 

yours alone

 before they are someone else's, love them.


we've heard it over and over again that no one is perfect

yet, you still want to be perfect

not realizing that you just need to change your 

thoughts and the way you see things and act on them. 

what makes you think someone is perfect? 

well, you fall in love with them that everything

 about them becomes perfect in your eyes.

you don't mind judging yourself and others 

but you forget to love it as much as you love others

when you really love yourself, you start perfecting it and be at peace with it.


your thoughts control your body and how you act and react. 

if your thoughts are positive and at peace with who you are

you become the person you wished you were.....

if they are negative then you will always look at

 the bad side that we all tend to look at....

don't look outside and wish for it 

just look inside and become it

once you love yourself, loving others becomes easy

and loving you becomes easy for others.

when you're happy with who you are and satisfied

 with it, no matter how many flaws you know you have, 

you start seeing the world better and the world sees you better too.


Your friends' list will get shorter,but it can also get 

tighter if you make the time for it. Remember,

 true friends are rare and that one friend you don't

 talk to all the time, but when you do it feels like

 yesterday you saw each other is the one 

who's friendship you cherish forever.

True friends 

are like yourself, you don't feel any

 different talking to them or talking to yourself. 


lastly, hang on there, everything will hopefully


 most likely be much clearer and better as

 you get older and find out everything yourself

 because no matter what i say or do, you 

have to see everything through.

you have to go through it all and make your own 


to get the big picture that is life. 

and when you do, it's never too late to live,

 but learn fast and look around for other's

 lessons and mistakes because the sooner you 

get it the better life you make out of it. 

x Rita

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