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21 Things i know before turning 21st

21 Things i know before turning 21st

I just turned 21! Yay! I live in Canada, so i'm legal since 19, but it sure feels good to be legal everywhere haha ;) I thought i would share with you 21 things and thoughts i learned or know at 21. 

here we go:

1. I'm no longer the "I can eat anything i want and it won't show on my body" girl anymore.

 "According to the National Institutes of Health, metabolism is the name for the process your body uses to convert the food you eat into energy. many people say that our metabolism slows down as we age and surprisingly it's not true however, The illusion that your metabolism slows as you age actually occurs because as you get older, your muscle mass decreases and your amount of fat tends to increase, decreasing your BMR and the amount of calories your body burns. This in turn decreases the amount of calories you need to take in through your diet."(McAllister,2013,para.1&3) so, eat healthy, stay active and do your research and learn more how your body works so you can control it instead of letting it control you. it's okay to get a little wight, in fact, you don't have to look like a model, but there is a difference between being healthy with a fair weight and totally unhealthy and over weight. 

2.I know t

he importance of exercise or just being active.

 Although i have to be aware of what goes in my body, I'm old enough to know the importance of exercise or just being active. I keep reminding myself to stay active and since i can't get myself to go to the gym regularly, i tend to do a lot of exercises at home and outside, but i have to start exercising regularly for my own good and if i want that strong and athletic body then i have to work hard to on it because feeling bad for myself and my body is a waste of time because nothing can stop me if i want it bad enough. trust me, if you want it bad enough that you're welling to go through all the hard work and force yourself into committing to a regular exercise then nothing can stop you, you got this, deep down you know that. 

3. I know that getting enough sleep is everything. 

The more responsibilities i have the more i'm aware of the importance of sleep. It used to be our families who forced us to sleep on time so, now i'm the one telling myself what's good for me. i'm guilty of staying up all night either on my laptop or just over thinking. It all shows in my day because i tend to feel tired all the time so, sleep schedule is something i'm working on every day. It takes time to go from sleeping at 2 am to 10 pm and it starts with going to sleep half an hour earlier for a while and earlier later on till you get to 10 which is, i think, the perfect time to sleep because waking up early can result to a very productive day. It's a known fact that we get more stuff done in the day than we do at night, but since we don't get enough sleep we are unable to do anything in the day and end up stressing ourselves to get everything done in the night. 

4. I learned to be honest with myself

I learnt to be honest with myself and much more realistic than usual. I talk to myself as if i'm talking to a friend, making sure i got everything i need and have my mental, physical, and emotional health in check. you can't lie to yourself saying that you're just fine when you are not. we learn a new thing about ourselves everyday, but we need to be honest with ourselves when it comes to our emotions and values. keeping ourselves and others in check over what we need is essential for a healthy life style. 

5.I know that my reputation is priceless

 I learnt that my reputation is priceless and keeping myself and my social media in check is a key. for example, i know what's on my Facebook's page. As i start planning my professional life, i started using LinkedIn. I stopped using the apps that were a waste of my time, but kept the ones that i enjoy a lot and find beneficial. beside social media, keeping your reputation in your social life and work is very important because no one can take you seriously if you don't take yourself seriously. Yes, it's okay to show your fun, weird and goofy side, but there is place and time for everything. 

6.I learned that social media can have a huge impact either in a negative way or positive way (you choose). 

Since we're on the subject of social media, I learnt to make sure all my accounts and emails are properly named and just over all i'm aware of what i put out there. social media can be a great platform for so many people, but it's how you use it that makes all the difference.   

7.I learned that organization is a a skill not a talent/trait

 Organization is a skill that would make my life 10 times easier (even if i'm not the organizer type of person). organization is a a skill not a talent, it can be learned and used throughout your whole life, maybe now you're okay with being messy because you don't have a lot of responsibilities, but soon you will force yourself to be organized or you will remain a mess, a total mess. You don't have to be super good at it, but a little be of it comes a long way. 

8. Hard work is the real deal

Talent and intelligence are great, but without hard work they are a waste. Trust me, even if you're the smartest person, if you don't work hard to prove that then you've got nothing to show. 

9.Financial Responsibility is real and it gets harder with time

 having control over my finance is real and it can be hard to know the difference between what you want and what you need. Learning to manege my money and how to spend them responsibly makes a huge difference in my life. 

10. The online world is better than we think if it's used RIGHT. 

I learned that some things i need to learn by yourself aside from academics (do your research). to expand your knowledge, you need to go online, you need to read books and watch movies. I learn some thing new everyday and not just from college, but everywhere in life. online resources can be very beneficial if they're used right and for the right reasons.  

11. Look at others for inspirations

You might think that you don't need someone to look up to thinking that you are your own person, and i agree, you shouldn't compare yourself to others, but having at least one person as an example and guidance can be very beneficial. the right people can be a great source of inspiration, so pick what's right for you and ignore the rest. 

12.The power of breaks and friends and food for the heart and soul. 

 Good friends exist, but pick them wisely. It's okay to sometimes put your profession ahead of your social life, but know when you need a break and don't underestimate its importance of a day out with a close friend or a family/friends event. Also, make room for fun and spiritual needs because they fuel your heart and soul. 

13. work over life?

We're guilty of putting our profession/studies over social life and most of us don't seem to find the balance, but i'm still in the beginning and it's much easier to manage it now for later. I've learn to recognize the important of each because the lack of one can have a huge negative effect on the other. your mind and body will tell you if you're lacking something in your life, so please don't ignore it and do something about it. 

14. computer skills are never a waste

Doesn't matter what you choose as a profession, computer skills will always come in handy. especially that we're living in a very lazy, technology based and impatient society.

everything around us is programmed and having a fair knowledge of how things work and programs like Microsoft office is beneficial and sometimes an advantage.   

15.Introvert or shy?

There is a different between being an introvert and shy/lack of confidence and self-belief. I'm an introvert, but that doesn't mean i should always keep my opinion, thoughts and feelings to myself. A phrase i always like to use is, "calm down and speak up" let your words be of value and speak them with confidence, but don't let the fear of mistakes and embarrassment get in the way.  

16.Being on time...

 I've always been the student who shows up on time, sometimes even a bit early, but since i started going to college I've been guilty for being late or skipping lectures and it showed on my grades and from there i learnt the importance of being on time. this one links with having enough sleep, because lack of sleep can make you feel lazy all day therefore, you can easily miss so much. the effect of lack of sleep on your life is not a jock or overrated, trust me, you can develop depression and extreme laziness from it. force yourself to commit to good sleep. 

17.be present

Being present in everything you do and with everyone you meet is the least you can do. not only physically present, but mentally and emotionally present. We can easily get lost in our inner world and problems that we don't give the task at hand the full attention it needs. stop, reflect, and force your mind to stop wondering here and there and be with you at this moment. 

18. 21 and single? ♥Love♥

If you're single, you will realize that dating is a bit more complicated that it used to be, so in order for you to find "the one" you need to work on yourself to be "the one" for someone else so take care of yourself, go out to social events, connect with others, look for a friend before you look for a lover and before you know it, you can find them both in one person. relationships are complicated, but love is simple if honesty is present and you know that you're far more similar that different. 

19.It's okay to change your major or career if you need to. 

It's the time for you to reflect on your studies or career and ask yourself if this is what you are meant to do and ask yourself, is this something that i have to do? or is it something you want to do? are you willing to put the work and effort because you know it's worth it? or are you doing it for others or money? trust me, it's never late to change if you're not okay and you have the chance to change. I changed my major last year to a competently different major because my last one didn't reflect who i am and i felt forced to do the work instead of wanting to learn. Once i asked myself these questions i knew i needed to change. All i can say is, follow you gut feeling because it's always right. I chose to ignore it at first, but it got louder and things were clear that change needed to happen for me to move on. 

20. I learnt that i will change and that's normal. 

I will change or in a better sense, i will become more myself, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. everyday comes with new things, ideas, people, and a thoughts that change something within you or adds to you and before you know it, you are more you and hopefully for the better. don't stop change, instead let it happen because it's meant to happen in order for us to grow and live fully. 

21.last, but not least. 

If you haven't gone through or accomplished what i talked about just know that's it's okay, some of the things i mentioned it's hard to apply them myself. sometimes the thought is there, but there is no action. be patient with yourself and give it room to grow and know that no matter what others tell you, you have to go through everything yourself, but it's always good to look around and learn from others mistakes and feel inspired by their accomplishments. 

Okay, i'm off to apply what i just wrote and i hope you do too. Happy 21st to me!

 What would you add to my list?

 Pearl x 

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"....we are powerful beyond measure..."

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