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Closet organization: Quality over Quantity.(Living with less)

Closet organization: Quality over Quantity.(Living with less)

I was inspired by a recent YouTube video by Ingrid Nilsen on her channel previously known as


to share with you my view on clothing and how to: have a closet with fewer more valuable items. It's funny how she posted this video on the day that i finally decided to organize my closet and started applying the idea of quality over quantity. I posted about How to shop & develop your personal style months ago, but now i'm much more comfortable with give up on so many items that i no longer use and really put more effort into organizing my closet in a way that is simple and easy.

Step one:

Keeping the item that you really like and you will be using for sure:

1. Don't be afraid to give up some items that you haven't been using for a long time, but you keep saying "maybe i will use them one day".

2. It's okay to keep some item that you have a strong memory with, but choose the life changing, fun and positive memories instead of negative and sad ones because you don't want to keep something that will always remind you of a bad time or person in your life.

3.  Organize your items in a way that it is easier to find. 

4. Make sure you have a verity of pieces and not too many of a similar piece. 

5. Force yourself to wear everything you choose to keep, so you're confident of your choices.

Step two:

 Find out what you are missing and plan on getting them. 

1. First, make sure your closet is organized and every item is there because you love it.

2. Going back to the point of having a verity of pieces. first, make sure you have the basic pieces any closet should have and it varies from one person to another depending on your style, so do your reflections and research.  

3. Don't be afraid to try something different, but always ask yourself if it says something about who you are now (I don't want you to go too wild or too safe). 

4. Don't rush into having more items because remember, whatever you add from this point forward, will be something that you truly love and you see yourself wearing for a long time.

5. Let this be a chance for you to create a closet that you love, a closet that says something about who you are and shows your own unique style. 

 Pearl X

Link to Ingrid's Video ---> 

Living With Less: Closet Organization

"....we are powerful beyond measure..."

"....we are powerful beyond measure..."

5 books about life's greatest lessons from death & struggles

5 books about life's greatest lessons from death & struggles