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The Impact of technology, media and body-image on youth in today's society

The Impact of technology, media and body-image on youth in today's society

I've joined


 recently. And I kind of wish i never did and here is why. I can't deny that it's full of funny GIFs (

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 and silly shocking things that crack me up when i open my dashboard, but there is also a lot of negativity and depressed teens on there that break my heart when i read their posts. I say that with a sour taste in my mouth because I've once been that depressed teen and i know how hard the teenage years can be especially if you don't have guidance and support from the people around you.

 we find ourselves between two different worlds, one is the child care free world where we did whatever we wanted and we didn't expect to get anything out of it other than eat out food, get good sleep, play with our friends, get good grades, and cry over our parents not taking us out with them. Well, we do go through some hardships ( like myself) such as going to a another country where i had to go through many things as an immigrant teen girl, but i still had that care free mindset and depended on my parents in pretty much everything. 

That was the world between a 10-year-old to 13-15 and that's when it hits you hard and the second world starts becoming part of your reality and all of a sudden you feel like you are expected to be your own individual and you get that feeling of being a product in this big market that is life and you have to present yourself in the best way possible.

 you get introduced to the social media and the whole notion of the marketing world we live in. We learn that there is something called makeup that is believed to make us look pretty as if our natural skin is undesirable. we learn that models have the ideal body that every girl should seek or have. We start stressing over the smallest things in life and discover that there are different shades of colors. We start to have a serious life discussions with our family and friends. our emotions kick in and all of a sudden we find ourselves attracted to other human beings and have strange feeling we can't put into words.

all the sudden our simple care free world is broken into so many complicated little things. we don't know if we are still little kids or we are becoming adults because our body is clearly changing and we find out that we are physical beings and all the sudden our body is a complected machine we need to put together and present it in the best way possible.

 So, I'm not surprised to hear about so many teen being depressed and have so many insecurities, but it upsets me to know that so many qualities are wasted because of physical image and self-worth. I see a 10 year old girl wanting to look hot and sexy. It blows my mine and take me back to my 10 year old who was so innocent and polite who just wanted to do well in school and look pretty. time has changed so much that i fear for those girls and what they will possibly go through to learn what i learned. it's a "dangerous" age as i like to call it and your confidence is not fully there because you've been told that you're not pretty enough or you're not smart enough or you are too shy or too sensitive. you start painting in your head that mental image others gave to you and you start to believe that this is who you are and the physical things start to matter more than the person that you are or you want to be one day.

 life can be so tough at that point especially when you keep it to yourself and don't open up to anyone thinking that they might judge just like everyone or you think you can go through it alone. And it can result to a depression which i wrote about in here in my blog.

everything got me thinking about this generation and how technology can make life easier and fun yet stressful and complicated. We are living in a world where technology controls everything as if human survival is depended on it and it scares me because i feel like we are turning into robots missing out on nature and having the simple and care free life we used to have as kids and now all the sudden i see a two year old with an iPhone.

 I feel like society and parents care more about the grades and just passing the day instead of caring how is this child feeling and learning the things that they should learn instead of killing their time on useless entertainment that wouldn't educate them properly.

 I'm not saying this because I am way pass this phase because God knows I'm still lost between these two worlds. However, with all of my 

insecurities, looks was never one of them. Yes we can have a low self-steam, be shy and sensitive, but to hate how we look and carry ourselves is heart breaking. there is nothing more upsetting to me that a person who's not comfortable in their own skin.

 We have so much potential yet we let the society and others' beliefs affect us. no, we let our own beliefs affect us and hold us back from reaching our full potential. Yes, there are many circumstances that can hold us back, but we also have a will-power that can set us free and give us the chance to create the person we want to be and have the life that we always dream of living.

 It will take time and hard work, but when was anything worthwhile ever fast and easy? never. Every great thing in the world took time and effort, but there was passionate people with a great will power behind it who made all the difference. I encourage you to be that person who is passionate enough to stand up for what you believe and remember that when you are strong from the inside it shows. Trust me when i say, there isn't more beautiful people than the ones who know their own worth and know that there are not the perfect human physically, but their beauty comes from who they are and what they do that everyone finds them so attractive. 

It takes time to reach that level of self confidence, but surrounding yourself with the right people who actually care about your well being emotionally, mentally and physically and know that it's not easy to live a healthy life with so many unhealthy options around you and it's your awareness and will power that will get you through. When you do get there make sure you share the secret. secrets, we all have them, some are good, some are bad, but the ones that are worth sharing should never remain a secret and this crazy world needs to know them before we turn into a robot. Yes, we're slowly turning into robots haha.

Now, i'm off to apply this on my own life and you should too. sleep enough, eat well (keep it as healthy as possible) drink enough water, never let a moment go to waste lying around doing nothing and don't forget to work hard and hustle for what you want 

It will be hard, no doubt, but, “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”

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 before, this blog is created to share my thoughts

 and feelings instead of keeping them to myself. Hope you got something out of my rambling. 

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