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"Liebster award" tag #2

"Liebster award" tag #2

Hello beautiful people! 

I have been nominated by the lovely Sneha 

known for her blog (Sneha Kadaba) to do the Liebster award tag so Thank you Sneha for nominating me x 

In case you're wondering what Liebster means (i googled it).

"The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. 

The rules are:

You must answer the questions sent to you.

Nominate 11 other Bloggers who have under 200 followers.

Ask them 11 questions of your own for them to answer in their own post.


1. What is your favorite thing about blogging, and what do you find most challenging?

My favorite thing about blogging is that I get to write whatever I want and share my thoughts and feelings with so many people all over the world instead of keeping them to myself. The most challenging thing is when I don't have anything to blog about. The idea is there, but I don't feel strong enough about it to write a whole post. so lack of inspiration is 


2. Where would you like to be in 10 years time?

A. It's hard to imagine because I'm at a time of my life where I'm still finding myself and deciding on a career path so it's not clear what I would be but let's go with my wishes and imaginations. I would be either a designer or a teacher. I would probably be married by then and have kids. And most likely still blogging haha. 

3. Top 5 cities in the world that you would like to visit.

A. Sydney, Australia | London, England | Venice, Italy | Los Angeles, United States and Paris, France.

4. What dish do you think you can cook/bake better than anyone else?

A. I cook a really good rice, but one dish I would say spaghetti with yogurt and mint. also a fried eggs and tomatoes...yummy! 

5. If you could buy one designer item and money was no object, what would it be and why?

A. I'm not the kind of person who cares about designers items, i go for brands. if i like a brand and the quality of its products then it becomes one of my favorites. so my favorite are, Joe Fresh, 

George(George Clothing at ASDA) , H&M and Mossimo. 

6. What mobile phone are you currently using, and what do you think of it?

I'm using Nokia Lumia 920 which is the new windows phone with Nokia. I like it. It might not have all the apps the other smart phones have but I honestly don't have time for more apps and stuff. I already spend so much time on it so I don't want it to be any better as long as it say  Hello? Hello.(calling) isn't that what phones are for? haha

7. What feature do you really like about yourself? (it can be a physical feature or a quality/trait)

I like that I have an average weight and height. I like my natural looking face ( I have a Minimal Makeup Routine) I like my eyes and  my hair. a quality, I would say that I'm very compassionate, sensitive and polite. let's just say, I feel like spiritually I'm a 100 living a 20 years old's life.

8. One book that you would read a thousand times over without ever being bored.

it's so hard to pick one and to be honest I know so many books that I wouldn't mind reading them over and over if I have the time. so here are some of the ones I actually did read more than once. 

1) Something blue by Emily Giffin

 ( this is the 2nd book. The first is "something borrowed" but I happened to buy the second one first and when I read it, I had already seen the movie of the first book so it felt like watching a long movie. I honestly prefer the 2nd over the 1st but they are both a good read. 

2) Tuesdays with Morrie. this is such a good book and it had a strong impact on me when I read it, but I had to read it two to three times for school assignment so I kind of hated it in the end. haha just kidding, it's a great book. 

3) The fault in our stars. this is such a beautiful book. although it talk about a sad topic, it taught me so much and made me feel stupid for wasting my time on so many things, stressing over useless stuff and forgetting the most precious thing I have and that it good health. Also, it is a beautiful love story. 

9. At what time of the day do you feel the most productive?

either at the middle of the night or very early in the morning. let me put this way,  I'm most productive when everyone is asleep. 

10. Do you have any irrational fears?

I thought about this a lot and what came to my mind was when I close my eyes in the shower I imagine a ghost or a demon showing up and killing me. I feel like I have to open my eyes asap or someone is gonna kill me. I just don't like having my eyes closed in the shower. I've had this fear ever since I was a kid. 

11. The one thing that cheers you up if you've had a lousy day.

good music, delicious food, laptop time, and a good cheery environment, but honestly 


 just want to sleep on days like these but having so many responsibilities wouldn't let me. 

Okay, so this is my 

Liebster award tag, hope you got to know me better and now I tag (insert your name here if you have less than 200 followers) haha DO IT! and let me know.

My questions for you are : 


What is the context of your blog?


 What type of music do you listen too? 


Name three bad habits you want to break.


share something you recently read and felt so inspired.


your top 5 song at the moment.


name three people who have inspire you.


name three things you love and three you fear.


name three food you can eat a lot of in one sitting. 


pants, shorts, skirts or dresses (choose one) 

10) shameless self promotion time (list all your social media links)  

11) what do you do to get your body moving and feel alive? 

 I did this tag a while ago with different questions --->(Liebster Award ) ^_^

Pearl x

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