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"One Lovely Blog Award" Tag ♥

"One Lovely Blog Award" Tag ♥

Hello, lovely people, 

I was Nominated to do the "One lovely Blog award" tag by the lovely Melissy known for her lovely blog (melissygoose) Thank you so much for tagging me.I have been so busy with college that i'm not having enough time to check my favorite blogs and you are one of them so Thank you for the reminder, Melissy heheh xx 

The Rules:

Take time to thank the person who nominated you. Also, use the award logo. 

List 7 facts about yourself.

Nominate other awesome bloggers you would like to get to know better and follow the person who nominated you.

7 facts about me: 

  1. I love watching Youtubers. I wrote a blog post about them ---> (Youtubers)
  2. Food i could eat so much of in one setting: chocolate, lemons, corn, pickles, and hummus (separately, not all at once though...haha)
  3. My favorite movie is (and i wrote a blog post about it) ---> (Pride and prejudice
  4.  I love reading novels, especially when they're turned into movies. I feel like watching a very long movie when i read them. 
  5.  My horoscope sign is Pisces. if you read Pisces's characteristics, you are pretty much reading mine.
  6.  I feel like i have two personalities. One is very shy, polite, smart and quiet and the other is very funny, crazy, silly and sarcastic. the conflict between them is real. don't worry, i'm healthy and normal haha.  
  7.  I created this blog to share my thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them to myself. I Hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy writing it.
  8. #7 is very cliche so here is one more: I love looking from the window( while i'm on the airplane) when the airplane leaves the ground. 

I nominate (insert your name here) hahah DO IT! then let me know to get to know you better.

(for example, your name haha) 

wait, i broke the rules :O. sorry!

Pearl x 



Live In The Moment

Live In The Moment