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 Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

I have always been lucky to have a natural good-looking skin, but like many teenagers I went through the period of having pimples and so on.

I still get breakouts now and then, the monthly "p"imples (period) yes they like to come together haha I guess it's the hormones or something. 

However, my skin is way better now. 

 I made a lot of mistakes that made my skin worse, but I leaned so many things as I got older that I want to share with you. These tips are not only for your face, but for your entire skin and how to maintain a healthy and clear skin. 

1. keep your body clean and clear from the inside first. 

drink as much water as you can. having enough water can really make a huge difference. You might have heard this a lot, but you will not realize how important it is until you see the results. I was told once (this is for your health in general) that when your body is thirsty, it's asking you for water. not soda, coke or any other drinks. it simply needs water. since then, whenever i have to choose a drink ( for example, in family gathering.) i always go for a bottle of water. 


Don't play with/touch your face. I've done it myself and let's be honest we feel like we have to do it. we feel like the  pimple is screaming "squeeze me"  haha well, some of them are in need for that squeeze, okay, i get it, but NOT all of them because they spread when you do it. Honestly it's the worst thing you can do. it's not that easy because it can be a habit, "a bad habit" but set yourself a warning whenever you feel like doing it. do whatever you can to avoid touching your skin. not only the pimples, but just any random touching when your hands are not clean. 

3. Wash it DAILY.

having a skin care routine is important. wash your face daily, you can use a facial scrub, face wash or just water and add moisturizer if you feel like it's dry as well as any kind of treatment your skin need. My point is, never neglect it especially when you have makeup on. I know some of us are guilty of sometimes being too lazy to remove the make up (JUST, NO!) especially when you are so tired and sleepy. I suggest you buy a 

makeup remover, such as, 

wipes. If you find them a bit expensive and not worth the money(because you will use them a lot), you can buy baby wipes and they still do the work haha. 


Healthy BODY = healthy SKIN

what you eat will reflect on your body and skin somehow, so make healthy food choices because when you eat healthy, you feel and look healthy. Be aware that what you eat effects your skin. eating healthy is important for your well-being in general so it affects you both externally and internally. healthy life style is found in all shapes and sizes. It has nothing to do with having the "perfect" weight or looking like a model or something. I always say the perfect diet is the healthy life style diet, not "not eating anything" kind of diet. (I'm not going to go on about diet and how you can have a healthy life style because it's totally different topic.).  

5. STRESS and pressure can be causing the breakouts and acne.

Stop worrying too much and stressing over things and people who don't deserve that much of worrying. I know it's not easy, trust me I'm the first one to be guilty of it, but stress and pressure can be, believe it or not, two of the main reasons for having a bad skin and especially if you have an oily skin. Yes, while everything is happening inside which makes you think it has nothing to do with the outside. anything that effects you mentally and emotionally, it can actually have a lot of physical affects as well. 

6. Choose your makeup carefully and keep it clean and clear.

Makeup can easily damage your skin if you're not using it right or you're using too much of it. So, invest in good quality makeup. It doesn't have to be too expensive to be in a good quality but also not too cheap. Remember, it's your own face that you're putting it on. Owning a few good quality makeup products is much better than owning so many not worth using and most likely will damage your skin. Also, keep your makeup area/


clean and organized. 

7. Let your skin breathe every now and then.

when we're going somewhere out we love to have a full makeup face, but we're not always going out and in need to look all dressed up. sometimes try to not to put any makeup on and have a bare face all day. It is uncomfortable for some people, i know, but your skin will appreciate it so much. but if you work or you're a student then 

go with a natural looking makeup on a daily basis. Treat your skin like a paper or a canvas, if you draw and erase draw and erase, it will affect it somehow, so take good care of it and keep it as natural and clear as possible. 

Okay, so these are some of my tips for a healthy skin. Share with me some of yours.

And if you agree, tell me how it affected your skin. 

Pearl x

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"Liebster award" tag #2