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I started my second year of college this week, which means that i will not be blogging as often as i'm used to. it might be like one blog a week, will see. It depends on what i might find interesting or want to share. Since the purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them to myself.

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I realized something lately that i really want to share. 

We really do over think many things in life. we waste so much time thinking what others might think, while others do the same thing, they think what WE might think. We let these things and people have more power over us than we should.(Too much thinking, i know) 

It's all inside our head without realizing that we are not much different from others. We tend to over analysis things a lot. Of course we're not going to know that others do the same thing because they don't even know that we do it. ( Am i confusing you? believe me, I'm confused myself hehe.

Realizing this really helped me open up to many people and say what i think without fearing rejection before i even try or have high expectations. I became more positive and less regretful of everything around me.  

knowing that you're not alone at this could help you have your interactions with new people differently. It frees your mind so your conversions with others are more natural and real. 

I didn't get to this conclusion until i got outside my head and looked at the bigger picture. As I grew up and became more confident in myself as an individual, i started seeing others not much different from me. I got outside my comfort zone just to see my shy, insecure, and little old self in others. I realized that i was not that alone when i thought i was. 

Sometimes we get so intimidated by others that we hide our true self from the world. 

I am more welcoming to the new student

 because i used to be that new student.

I asked the shy girl/guy who doesn't have a

 group to join my group because i used to be that shy girl.

I smile and help the new lost students 

as they ask me for directions because

I used to be that lost student.

We think that we are different, yes, we're certainly different in so many ways, but we're also similar in a ways that we're not aware of.

Stop treating the world as if you're the only one who over think everything. This can really raise you're self-esteem and help with how you behave around people. especially around strangers or people you just met.

Be aware that while you are over thinking things and panicking, others might be doing the same, but it all happens inside where we don't get to see it. It can also be the opposite. Some things that you worry too much about and what will people think about them, they don't even pay much attention to them as much as you think because they are busy doing the same thing. Be more confident with who you are and don't be afraid to be your awkward  self sometimes because people are attracted to people who are not afraid to show their true self even if it's not perfect, as long as it's real and human.  

Okay so i basically just rambled on my thoughts hehe but yeah i hope it made sense to you and taught you something about getting out of your head and living in the moment. 

 Pearl X

confidence  Part 1

confidence Part 1

Lesson of the day - Stay Positive

Lesson of the day - Stay Positive