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♥ 'I Heart Instagram'! ♥

♥ 'I Heart Instagram'! ♥

I was tagged by the lovely


 ( known for her blog 

Kisses and Flowers


to do the 'I Heart Instagram' tag. 

I'm not much of instagram lover because i don't take pictures that often, but when i do, i usually post them hours or days later, not instantly. You know what i mean, i don't 'insta"gram. haha I spend a lot of time editing them that they're no longer 'insta'grams. But thank you so much for tagging me, I LOVE doing tags so much. 

What's your Instagram handle?

It is the same as this blog  


 which is my first name 'Rita' the first letter of my last name 'Z' and my lucky/favorite number 13. I was born on march first (1/3) and 13 has been showing up a lot in my life which made it by default my favorite number. And it's just cool. 

How many accounts do you follow?


How many followers do you have?


(my account is private, but if you want to follow me just let me know who you are through twitter and i would love to check your insta/blog/twitter and follow you back :) 

What are your favorite hashtags?

I don't have favorites that i use all the time, but i like to use #tbt (throw back Thursday) #QuoteOfTheDay  #itsfridayiaminlove #sundayselfie 

How often do you post?

It depends. sometimes i feel like posting twice a day and sometimes i go days without posting. 

How often do you check your Instagram feed?

A couple times a day. It depends on if i'm checking some new posts from a certain people  or i'm just bored. 

What is your favorite filter?

depends on how bad the lighting of my picture is haha i honestly don't like using filters, especially on my face or nature view. If i do use, i  usually go for Sierra or Lo-Fi filters. 

Smartphone purist or rebel? 

I don't get this question O_o sorry hahah, but my phone is nokia lumia 920 so i'm neither iPhone or Android user. 

Favourite 3 IG accounts?

This is hard because i honestly don't have a favorite, but here are some( 7 not 3 "i'm a rebel") i thing you should check out :








Thank you for reading this far! now i tag


( I always do that, so i don't have to think of choosing people haha) reading this if you haven't done it already. do it and let me know( e.g comment or tweet me) so i can read it.

okay, Byeee

 x Rita 

"One Lovely Blog Award" Tag ♥

"One Lovely Blog Award" Tag ♥

Live In The Moment

Live In The Moment