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Confidence part 2 (Accepting Yourself)

Confidence part 2 (Accepting Yourself)

Today, i wanted to share with you my 

thoughts on being confident in order to be more yourself with others. 

I thought after truly loving myself and being the confident girl that I am now, letting my wall down will be easier. It wouldn't completely disappear, but more of my true self, will come out. 

So what is the secret of letting your wall down, you might ask? 

Well, my first statement shows that I have not let it down completely, but I'm clearly convinced that truly loving myself and having confidence will get me one step closer to being more natural and myself with others, not only with someone i find myself attracted to, but with everyone that i cross paths with. 

There are no rules to how much you should love yourself and it takes time and patience to fully understand that you not only love your beauties. NO, loving yourself starts with loving your weakness and flaws and accepting them. But since human beings think of beauties when it comes to love, then lets start by recognizing our beauty and the little things that makes us beautiful. Please don't be one of those people who say nothing. There has to be something that makes you go, "I really like that about myself" or "I think it's cute when I do this or I'm like this" no, it's not stupid to talk about yourself and recognize the little things. Well, don't do it a lot in front of others haha but you should do it to yourself, it's kind of important, believe me.

Always count your blessings first. If you really can't think of anything then you're doing yourself an injustice by not taking enough care of yourself. You need to take care of yourself physically mentally and emotionally. All three need to be in a harmony for a unique song that is you. You have the control to make it a happy, sad, depressing, useless, meaningful, dirty, cheerful, worthy or a beautiful song. It's all up to you, yes YOU.

Now that you figured out your beauties and appreciated them. There are the weaknesses and flaws that you can't escape. Well, just because humans call them flaws, doesn't mean they're ugly and you should hate them. No.  yes, they may not be beautiful, but you need to make them feel accepted in order for them to put you in peace. These weaknesses are part of who you are, if you don't accept them then how could others do. be compassionate, not only with others, but toward yourself as well. Sometimes we get too busy comparing ourselves to others and the worst part is, when we wish we could be that person, not realizing that this person has flaws just like we do. They might not be obvious but they are there. Just like your flaws are not that obvious to others as much as they are for you. If you don't value yourself, how will others do?

There is nothing more lonely

 and sad than not being comfortable with who you are. it all starts with letting go and forgiving yourself for the little things. The ones that no one criticize them as much as you do.

accept yourself for your beauties and flaws and know that without them both, you wouldn't be the person that you are. 

last thing, i want to thank Sandra Bullock for inspiring this post with her words that says, 


confidence part 1

 (if you haven't already)

Pearl x

Live In The Moment

Live In The Moment