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confidence  Part 1

confidence Part 1

I don't think I have wrote about being confident with who you are and what you do before so I thought I would share my thoughts on that with you.

If you think that confidence depends on how you look then you're missing half of the picture. In order for you to be a confident person you need your mind to agree with your appearance. If your mind is not mentally stable then you will come off as insecure and unattractive even if you are the most beautiful person in the world. I'm not gonna talk about body weight or shape because confidence is found in all sizes and shapes and has absolutely nothing to do with it. Confidence comes from within you and your look is nothing but an accessory to help you sale it and make a good first impression.

There are many things that contribute to being confident with yourself. One of them is knowing that you are unique, you might not think you're special but you are unique. Appreciate your uniqueness and embrace it. With uniqueness comes beauty and art. no one has the same looks, personality and life experience as you do. if we are going to talk about beauty i want you to ask yourself, Who set the beauty standards anyway?

Confident starts with having the 'love is blind' kind of love towards yourself. And i don't mean to not hold yourself Accountable for wrongs at all, but treat yourself like you would treat the person you love unconditionally.

What i mean is, don't some people see a couple where one is physically prettier or somehow better than the other and they wonder how they're together then the whole topic of love is blind comes up and we admit that we shouldn't judge others by appearance. First of all, love is not blind. We love that person unconditionally for their uniqueness and  how they carry themselves. a work of art is beautiful, not because it's perfect but it's something creatively unique you've never seen before.

 So you might be wondering what this have to do with confidence. Well, when you love yourself, you start seeing its beauty. how can you see how beautiful you are if you don't love yourself?  it's impossible.  The first years of teens can make it hard for you to build that confidence that you have when you are a young adult, i understand. We go through so many changes with our body inside and out that can easily shake up our confidence, but we shouldn't let that discourage us and make us feel confused and down. In fact, it's normal to feel that way. It's part of growing up.  

Okay, so let me start with being confident from the outside. ( Part 1)

First, you got to take care of your skin and if you are someone who gets pimples and acne make sure to treat it well and rule number one is to never touch your skin randomly or start playing with those tiny creatures (pimples) it will only encourage them to reproduce and have more fun with your skin. so don't touch your face. Wash it with a good face wash and then apply a moisturizer if it's dry, give it all the necessary treatments and leave it ALONE. 

Second,  i always say having a good hair day can raise your confidence, so take care of your hair and keep it healthy. Learn what it takes to have a strong healthy hair and don't see it as something you will do experiments with by dying it different color every week. 

Third, that might sound weird and i shouldn't be telling you that, but shower regularly and stay hygienic. Don't you ever be lazy about your own body and personal hygiene. It's gross and not good for your health.

Fourth, dress your best, always. don't neglect your look just because you are not doing anything outside or fun. Do it for yourself first because dressing up and looking cute will actually make you feel so confident and have a more productive day. Remember to wear something that screams "this is me" I've talked about personal style more here -->( 

How to shop - Developing your personal

) but don't just wear whatever and not feel comfortable in it. 

Fifth, this is kind of random but having enough sleep is important because sleep can have a big impact on your life and you don't even know it. sleep can shape your life in any way. You can have a messy uncontrollable life because you lack sleep. 

Sixth, Perfect your posture. Body language is very important when it comes to being confident from the outside. Showing or acting confident with the way you stand and walk can actually trick your mind into believing that you are confident. This is all aside from the health benefits you get from walking/setting straight.  

seventh, learn to be a good conversationalist, if you're not already. Believe me when I say it's easier than your mind makes it. Here are my tips that work for me. 

a. believe in your words and believe that they have a great value because once you have confidence with your words you start saying them differently and you, yourself, feel so good saying them that the strong tone of your voice comes across very clear and valuable. 

b. think before you speak, but don't hesitate and let your doubts get in the way.

c. practice speaking by reading things out loud so your mind can get used to your voice. Yes, your mind needs to get used to your words just like everyone else. on the same note, read books or just blogs or newspaper. Reading is good. 

d. If you ever say something wrong or get into an embarrassing situation, don't you ever over-think and let the power of regrets get the best of you. Laugh it off and know that everyone go through this and not everyone cares as much as you do. Believe me, you're only hurting yourself and wasting your time when you think about it more than you should. 

e. you can never know enough. so except that there are so many things you don't know and you learn something new everyday.

f. learn how to compromise and accept others opinions even if you don't agree with it. And if you don't like compromising, just 'let it go' or you can have your own sneaky way of convincing them without disagreeing.

Okay, these are some of the things that i think makes you 

confident from the outside. I will be writing about being 


 from the inside in another post ( I just didn't want to make this post longer than it already is haha) 

ps. these were just few of the random things that


to my mind when i think of


from the outside so there are definitely more. 

Pearl x

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