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 I Write....✎

I Write....✎

The words of Shannon L. Alder mean a lot to me as if she is writing my thoughts and I echo every single word as if they are my own. Here is why I write…

“I write to find strength.

I write to become the person that hides inside me.

I write to light the way through the darkness for others.

I write to be seen and heard.

I write to be near those I love.

I write by accident, promptings, purposefully and anywhere there is paper. 

I write because my heart speaks a different language that someone needs to hear.

I write past the embarrassment of exposure.

I write because hypocrisy doesn't need answers, rather it needs questions to heal. 

I write myself out of nightmares.

I write because I am nostalgic, romantic and demand happy endings.

I write to remember.

I write knowing conversations don’t always take place.

I write because speaking can’t be reread.

I write to sooth a mind that races.

I write because you can play on the page like a child left alone in the sand.

I write because my emotions belong to the moon; high tide, low tide.

I write knowing I will fall on my words, but no one will say it was for very long.

I write because I want to paint the world the way I see love should be.

I write to provide a legacy.

I write to make sense out of senselessness.

I write knowing I will be killed by my own words, stabbed by critics, crucified by both misunderstanding and understanding. 

I write for the haters, the lovers, the lonely, the brokenhearted and the dreamers.

I write because one day someone will tell me that my emotions were not a waste of time. 

I write because God loves stories.

I write because one day I will be gone, but what I believed and felt will live on.” 

― Shannon L. Alder

Here is my question to you, Why do you write?

Pearl x®

"Liebster Award" tag #1

"Liebster Award" tag #1

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