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Making Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones

Making Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones

My brother was asking me for advice today and my opinion on things that brought me to this topic. I've been working on breaking some of my bad habits that are really affecting my life, and start making good ones, so i thought i would write about it. I'm trying to better myself and put my thoughts into actions and it's not that easy, but so worth it.

 We all say that we want to change, or in a better sense, we want to improve, but we never seem to be taking actions. I came to realize that this change needs time, determination and patience. But we are living a fast-paced world that needs everything to be fast and easy. That's why people are easily making more bad habits everyday and find it so hard to break them. Believe me, you can get used to the good habits as much as you are addicted to the bad ones. We can't make our lives better and more productive in one day,it's a process, we all know that. 

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The change can be anything, like being more productive, exercising more regularly, eating healthier, start waking up early and going to bed early, doing better at school, start being more confident and proud of how we look and act, start using our social media less on worthless and pointless things, start managing our time and separating the fun from work, stop procrastinating and the list goes on....

 But the point of these changes really is getting out of our comfort zone because all the things i mentioned are not that easy to do and need a strong will and determination. No matter what we do and accomplish in our life, the main thing that will truly break us free is understanding that in order for us to grow, we need to challenge ourselves and learn from it. we need to accept that there is something that needs to change and we have all the power to make that change.  Also, we not only learn a lot from ourselves but from others' accomplishments and failures as well. 

You can read books about breaking bad habits and making good ones like the one I'm reading now which i might do a review on it when i finish, "Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits" by  Joyce Meyer. But remember, in the end, if you don't take actions, this is all nothing, absolutely nothing, so give it a read and see if you can do it step by step.

Start with small baby steps and see how the results make you feel. I guarantee you that you will feel so good that you want to do more. We all know the beginning is the hardest and many people easily give up because it's frightening to get out of your usual routine. But know that if you give up, you are the only one who lost the chance to live a better life. No one cares that it is so hard, they only see the results, so DO IT.

It's depressing sometimes that we've not done anything new in our life in a very long time. Start with small things that don't put you under huge pressure and see the difference they make in your life. so yeah, this is what i felt like writing about today and if it helped at least one person then i'm happy. 

“Great character is not developed through ease and convenience but through doing NOW what needs to be done no matter how difficult it” 

― Joyce Meyer

Pearl x 

ps. I know it's easier said than done, but we get to a point when it has to be DONE.

Getting Out Of Your comfort Zone

Getting Out Of Your comfort Zone

♫ motivational Songs ♫

♫ motivational Songs ♫