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 "Depression" (Teen Depression)

"Depression" (Teen Depression)

Just heard a very sad news. Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams has been found dead from an apparent suicide at age of 63. He is known for so many great leading roles in movies. This brought up a very serious topic to my mind and that is depression. I have been dealing with depression for a long time myself and it's funny how we can easily hide it inside and act like it's nothing. Depression is hell and people should be more aware of it. It's sad that so many people hide it all inside.

Well, i wouldn't go on about what depression is and how can you tell if you are suffering from it, But i will say this: ask for help when your life depends on it. Don't you ever think that it's better to hide it and you can handle it yourself. I have been there and i know it's so much easier to just not tell anyone because after all, we strongly believe that no one can understand what we are going through. many people don't take it seriously and it never crosses their mind that it could lead to suicide. Only you know how bad it gets and sometimes you, yourself, even don't realize that it's getting out of your control.  So, seek help if you need it and if you are not suffering from it be more aware that there might be people in your life that are depressed and you don't even know. so look around, appreciate life and be nice to everyone. one kind word can help and it might be nothing to you, but it can mean the world to many.

I'm lucky and blessed to say that I'm no longer that shy and depressed teen girl that kept it all to herself and was too afraid to say "I'm not okay, and i need help" but like many teens out there, i didn't say anything. so what did really got me through it you may ask? well, here are three points i would like to make.

1. First, was

learning to accept myself and loving who i am

. I had to stop regretting every single thing of my life. I remember getting to a point where i was sad every minute just by remembering anything embarrassing  that happened to me and feeling regretful and sad. lack of confident, low self-esteem and loneliness can lead to a depression. I got to a point when i fully realized that i was wasting my time thinking about things i can't change and i had no control over them what so ever. I became to appreciate who i am and look at the mirror everyday with my curly (messy) hair and my makeup free look and say "i look so fine, happy,beautiful and me today, Thank you God for everything" . yes, gratitude is very,very important. be grateful, we always forget how lucky and blessed we are by wasting our time on small things. So, i choose to live a life without regrets and it's a process. I'm still half way there, day by day, It's getting better and I'm getting stronger, you can too.

2. Second,

my strong will

, and that little voice of hope in the back of my mind saying,

"You deserve to be happy and this is not the person you want to be" Even when i was living in hell inside, i knew that there was a way of getting out but i just didn't know when and how but that little voice kept me fighting and refusing any chance of suicidal thought to cross my mind. but hey, i still had those moment of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts, but the voice of hope and faith was stronger and i let it take over and chose to listen to it instead of the dark, strong and bad thoughts.

 3. third,

my beliefs

and you may believe in anything or anyone but for me it was Jesus Christ. you may not be religious, but for me Jesus was not only someone i worship or trust. He was my best friend who always listens to me and help me in a ways no human mind can understand them. he gave me comfort and peace knowing that there is someone i can always trust and will always be by my side no matter what. if you don't know who Jesus is or you already do and you don't like him or absolutely hate him . I understand because i would feel the same if i was you. religion is a very sensitive topic and there are wars happening and people dying because of religion,  but for me Jesus is more than religion. he is the way, and the truth, and life. Get to know the real him and you would not regret it. But remember, this is not about religion, it's simply about someone who helped me get through depression when i needed  help and had no one. So, this person can be anyone for you but you need to share and seek help.  

I think these were the main points that got me through the dangerous and sensitive years of teen, yes they are pretty hard for many and not so hard for a few. So, whoever you are, i hope you learned something either for yourself or for those around you.

I will leave you with a picture quote you should all apply that says,

Pearl x

ps. share this if you think it might help someone, like i said, you never know. 

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