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Back to School (college, uni, etc.)

Back to School (college, uni, etc.)

School is about to start SOON and for some of you it had already started. So for me, I have to get ready for my second year of college and like many of you, I don't want the summer holiday to end, but this is the reality we have to accept. 

Here are my list of main steps i need to take before it all starts:


. First thing I need to do is to manage my sleeping routine for real now and I actually wrote a blog post about that ,but it's "easier said than done", so I have to take it seriously and stop delaying and being so lazy about it.


. Second thing I need to do is to go through everything I have learned on first year and refresh my mind and memory and  actually know what I'm doing instead of going to second year like many high school student who study each subject as if it's the first time they have heard of it. Please tell me, 

I'm not the only one to says that about high school?


. Third, is to organize my closet and put things in order. I have to do this every month but this time it's more of a school theme closet organization. And if you have to wear a uniform, I have been there and even though I wished I was able to wear something different everyday, I'm so thankful to uniform for making school outfit choice the easiest thing I had to do in school(we got enough things to do and think about).


. Fourth, is my meals schedule. since I don't have anything to wake me up early in the morning during summer like school, I tend to skip breakfast a lot of the times and eat my lunch and dinner a bit late. So, I decided that I need to go back to a healthy breakfast every morning and have my lunch and dinner on time and maybe a snake in between, but no no to eating and staying up late like an owl and regretting it the morning after.


. Fifth, I need to get my Back-to-School Supplies check list ready and checked. I don't want go back first day with nothing and yes, I  know some of us find the ones who have everything first day all weird and crazy, but hey, who cares, no one is going to think of that when you don't have a pen or a paper. 


. Sixth, if your school or college requires a laptop then this step is very important because I use laptop all of the time. well, my program is basically about computers and programming so I need to get my laptop ready and set for a new school year. so basically I need to organize my computer's files, programs and all. 

I guess after achieving all these steps, I will be ready for another college year, right?(let's hope so) i live with my parents so it might be totally different for you if you don't and to be honest even if sometimes i wish i lived on campus, it's a lot easier, in so many areas of life, to still be living with your parents or 

guardians when you're in college. 

let me know if you did or need to do any of these steps, or tell me about your own steps, I would love to know and I may add them to mine because obviously I need a lot of help to get ready.

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